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Well-designed banner ads, placed in high-traffic websites and visible in the right locations create awareness, produce clicks and generate leads that could convert to sales

People have shorter attention spans. A study from the Technical University of Denmark revealed that people have a lot of things to focus on — but often hold their attention for a short amount of time.

So some businesses using banner ads to promote their brand, product or service may face a hard time generating clicks and attracting customer attention. But with a professional banner design service, you’ll have an easier time winning potential customers to your side.

Do Web Advertisement Banners Work?

During the first quarter in one year alone, revenue from web banner ads reached $28.4 billion. So it is a profitable option for businesses to generate sales. Digital ads become even more effective through programmatic advertising because it matches the interests of people with ads that appear in high-traffic sites.

But a well-designed banner doesn’t rely on algorithms and machines to attract people and encourage clicks.

What Makes a Good Web Banner Advertisement Design?

Although web banner ads can help promote brand awareness and get targeted traffic, you need to create them in such a way that they follow basic design guidelines.

Creativo Media shares some tips along with common guidelines for designing banner ads:

Choose the Right Size

The size of a web banner plays a role in successfully enticing a viewer or site visitor to click on the ad. A few of the most popular banner ads are the following:

• 320 x 100 (for mobile banners)
• 728 x 90 (leaderboard)
• 300 x 600 (half page)

Given that banner ads come in many shapes and sizes, try to learn all the size options to prepare for your preferred placement.

Only Show One Product or Service

Advertising a few of your products or services in one go may seem reasonable because you could save money with this strategy. But it may not be a good idea when designing your web banner ad.

Too many unique elements in your digital advertising will be difficult to understand. One element of the banner, for instance, can obscure others and distract customers from the main message of your banner ad.

Don’t show too many elements. Focus on one message, and channel it loud and clear.

Select Appropriate Colors for Your Banner Ad

Colors are subjective and carry different meanings. Know your target audience well when selecting the colors that will go on your banner ad.

Not sure what emotions the colors evoke? Here are a few examples:

• Red – This powerful color symbolizes love, excitement, passion and anger. Although red is attractive to most audiences, use it in moderation.

• Pink – This color embodies youth, sweetness and love. You could associate pink with all things feminine.

• Black – This dark color evokes formality, luxury, mystery, modernity and exclusivity. It’s also traditional because the most readable color combination in design is black text on a white background.

• Green – This color option is easy on the eyes. It symbolizes the environment, wealth, health, growth and new beginnings.

Use White Space Wisely

Inexperienced designers tend to look at white space as something incomplete. They decide to fill it with colors and elements.

Leaving white space on your banner ad design, however, is critical.

This design element helps users focus their attention on the key message. The eye typically moves from the lightest to the darkest areas in an image. If there’s plenty of white space left, viewers will quickly turn their attention to the banner ad’s design or text elements.

The “white” in white space can also channel different meanings. Designers often associate white background with something classic, peaceful, silent and official. If these qualities are part of your marketing message, you’ll want to include white space in your overall banner ad design.

Apply the 80/20 Rule in Design

Banner ads are visual art. Their main purpose is to appeal to the viewers’ sense of emotions and sight. When making a web banner ad, consider the balance between imagery and text. Images should make up 80 percent of the banner and the remaining goes to text.

Some platforms, such as Facebook, follow this constraint in practice, letting you fill in 20 percent of the ad space with text.

Use Different Fonts

If your banner ad contains a lot of text, facilitate its perception for viewers by deploying various fonts or font sizes. You could, for instance, pick one font for your body and another for your headline.

But not all typography looks visually pleasing on an ad.

Try to avoid the following:

• Font type smaller than 10pt
• Text is all in uppercase letters
• Letters that either too thick or too thin
• Fonts that are either script or cursive

To set your banner ad design apart from the crowd, consider using a custom font. This can be handwritten or made using your product. The banners you make with a custom font won’t go unnoticed in an ocean of digital adverts. Just make sure that the custom type is the focal point of your design.

Add a Frame to Your Banner

Effective web banner ads have a clearly defined frame. Adding a frame will separate your banner from the rest of the content on the website. It also naturally draws a viewer’s eyes to the content inside the frame.

If you have a banner with a white background, remember to add a thin gray border (a pixel thin) around the ad.

Web Banner Ad Design That Gets Click-Throughs

Web banner ads provide lucrative opportunities — only when it’s done right. Creativo Media has a team of experienced designers who know what colors, typography and elements attract attention and entice clicks.

We create custom and captivating ads and place them on our high-traffic sites, helping you secure ROI on your advertising cost.

Call +1-800-250-7028 today or fill out our contact form to discover how our banner ad design solutions can drive clicks and traffic to your business or website.

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