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Digital ads are inherently visual because they are designed to capture interest. But a powerful headline and compelling pitch can persuade a desirable action.

What are banner ads in digital marketing?

You’ll recognize them by their shape and placement. Banner ads are those rectangular displays you’ll see splashed across the top, bottom and either side of a website. The most seamless ones will look right at home, fitting in with all the other elements in the site and yet still appear outstanding enough to be noticed.

Although these digital ads are visually-driven rather than text-based, what you write will mean the difference between getting clicks and getting ignored. This is why some businesses choose to invest in banner ad writing services.

How to Make a Web Banner Ad Copy

The right visual elements captivate any user — even those who didn’t have plans of looking up a product or a service. From an eye-catching color to an attractive image. Whereas imagery captures, words retain attention; the most effective words are able to preserve a user’s interest, long enough for them to act accordingly: click on your ad and buy or click on your ad and inquire. Professional banner ad writers recognize this effect.

Every good ad copy writer will start with figuring out your value proposition.

What are you offering? What makes your offer different — and better, from all others in your market?

Once the value proposition is determined, the careful and sometimes-meticulous process of copywriting the banner ad begins.

Our banner ad copywriting services typically follow this process.

Step 1 Find out your goal for the web banner ad

Not every banner ad seeks to sell. Some may need to establish awareness for the brand. A determination of your goal is a good guide to helping the banner ad copywriter choose the right headline, subheadline and CTA, ones that are also perfect for the imagery and size of your banner ad.

Step 2 Who are you appealing to?

All digital marketing copies have a target consumer in mind. Without it, the banner ad will be a miss. Any website is likely to be filled with other ads and various content pieces that will compete with a user’s attention. If your banner ad writer doesn’t have a clear vision of who your targeting, the ad will be lost in a sea of other ads.

Our web banner ad writing service identifies your target consumers. Once we know who the ad is supposed to “talk to,” our professional writers can craft a messaging that will appeal to their interests and needs.

Step 3 Create banner ad copy that shines

Unless your business is completely unique, competitors in your market may say the same things about similar products or services. To highlight the benefits of what you’re selling, without the creativity, may read a lot like another brand’s ad.

How do you create copy that shines?

Take inspiration from your products or services. What are their special attributes? What makes you different from other companies?

This is the part where your value proposition is communicated.

Step 4 Be clear about the intention of your banner ad

If your banner ad is about offering discount coupons, state it plainly. If the ad is meant to focus on your university’s new online program, say it openly.

Good banner ad writing services focus on the clarity of your message because:

• Users have a shorter attention span
• Your ad is competing with other elements on a website
• Confusion has no place in digital advertising

And this brings us to the next step in writing your banner ad copy.

Step 5 Banner ads need to be brief and to the point

Banner ad writers have a special skill: they communicate your message as quickly as possible. From a catchy headline to supportive subheadline and the alluring pitch in the body, a professional banner ad copywriter a short copy without the jargon, without the clutter.

No matter what size your banner ad is in and where it is placed on a web page, it will capture and retain interest better if it’s brief. No user wants to read a lengthy explanation or a baffling pitch.

People want to immediately know what your ad wants to offer; if it applies to them and how they can benefit from that offer.

An attractive design and the right visual elements on your banner ad draw the eye of your target market. But its copy must persuade them to read it and click.

Step 6 Close with a strong call-to-action

A call to action can be simple enough. But sometimes the two to three or four words on a CTA button can take more time than the entire ad itself. Why?

Your CTA copy is an opportunity to move your target consumer further along the sales funnel. It presents a golden moment where a person takes real steps to going from prospect to customer. So it needs to be compelling enough to nudge them to click.

Also, most people want to be told what’s the next step to take. Do they call? Do they sign up for an email list?
Do they buy straight from your website?

Yes, the placement of the CTA button and its color are crucial to how users react to it. But words still have impact.

Without a clear and strong call to action, your banner ad may not deliver the results your business needs.

Banner Ad Copywriting Services that Deliver Results

Creativo Media understands the work that goes into one banner ad. Our professional copywriters have the experience and training to craft the right words that capture and retain interest.

Our banner ad copywriting services take the burden off your shoulders when you have a promotion or a campaign. If you have a design but not the copy, our professional writers can create the headlines, subheadlines and the pitch for your ad.

Call +1-800-250-7028 today or fill out our contact form for inquiries on our web ad banner writing service.

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