3 Reasons Why Your Google PPC Ads Fail

3 Reasons Why Your Google PPC Ads Fail

Have you ever wondered why your PPC campaign feels like pouring money down the drain? Do you think Google has designed their campaign tools to simply take your marketing budget?

The search engine giant’s algorithms and media buying tools may be confusing and too complex for some, but you can’t deny the fact that being on the top of Google Search, even as a PPC advertisement, is a powerful marketing tool.

In this article, I’ve provided the three common reasons why PPC campaigns often fail. Avoid these mistakes by following our recommendations.

Not Using Your Brand Name As Your Keyword

Companies often focus on high-converting, overly popularly and too broadly generic keywords instead of their brand name. If you’re doing the same for your campaigns, you’re missing an opportunity to increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) and generate sales.

You will miss even more opportunities if your competitors are using your brand name for their own campaigns. If you have not been bidding on your brand name, now is the time to do so – even if there is no competition. The cost per click may be much lower and you receive the added analytical benefit of seeing how your company is doing when it comes to branding and awareness.

Using Bland Copy

Writing the ad copy can be the most challenging aspect of your PPC campaign. The keywords you use are essential for your ads’ success, but clever and well-written copy will encourage your potential consumer to click the link.

Keep your target audience in mind every time you decide on what to write. Think like your target demographic, understand their language, and know what motivates them. This will determine your ad’s tone of voice, choice of words, and overall appeal. You can rehash cliché phrases or use slang, but you have to do it well. Make your ad copy distinct and relevant.

Neglecting Your Landing Page

While it’s normal to focus your attention on your PPC ad’s copy, you shouldn’t forget about its landing page. The landing page is what drives conversion – it converts your visitors into customers! That is, after all, the main objective of your paid campaigns.

Is the design of your landing page attractive enough? Does it work on all browsers? Is it user-friendly and fully functional? Most importantly, is there a clear call to action – are you asking for sale?

Always make your landing page relevant to your PPC ads. If your ads talk about an upcoming sale, make sure the links take the user straight to the promo page on your website. If you don’t give them what your ads promise, they’ll leave. They may even think you’re misleading them, which damages your reputation.

These are a few of the common mistakes made by most PPC buyers. To reach your goal conversions, you need to strategize and manage your campaigns properly. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting less than what you pay for or not getting anything at all. The competition is tight these days, and you need a strong ally. If you’re a startup, you especially need all the professional help you can get.

As a professional digital marketing agency, we do more than just launch your PPC campaigns – we’ll help you maximize the value of your investment and take your business where you want it to go. Visit our Paid Ads section and request a consultation.

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