Business Strategy: 7 Content Marketing Services You’ll Need

Business Strategy: 7 Content Marketing Services You’ll Need

Content plays a big part in internet marketing. It’s the reason users go online: to consume content. From a blog post and an ad to product descriptions and social media posts, content is the gateway that lets people find and access the products and services they need.

It’s a powerful lead generation and sales strategy that costs less than traditional marketing but bears great returns.

As a business owner, your focus should be to discover all channels that will help consumers discover your brand. Focus on aspects like awareness, lead generation and sales. Content marketing is one such strategy that deserves your attention.

Here are the top content marketing services you’ll need to help your overall business strategy.

1. Content Marketing Strategy

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Any business that’s active online will need a content marketing strategy. 

Content marketing without a strategy isn’t going to deliver the favorable results you’ll need, from improving reach for your brand to increasing sales for the business.

Here’s why a content strategy should be on your list of content marketing services:

• It’s an efficient way to keep track of your goals.
• Your team will feel more aligned and confident as they work on the content
• Tasks won’t seem as overwhelming even though content projects for creation may be lined up one after the other.
• It’s easier to track and monitor the campaign as well as track the success if there’s a strategy in place.

Whether you have an in-house content marketing team or you’re planning to work with a content marketing agency, have a documented strategy that provides a roadmap to your goals.

2. Blog Content Creation

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Each month, approximately 70 million posts are being published by WordPress users alone. In the same period, about 409 million internet users view more than 20 billion pages of content.
It’s a powerful lead generation and sales strategy that costs less than traditional marketing but bears great returns.

It’s clear that web publishing is now in-demand as consumers continue to populate the internet.

Businesses are now becoming aware of the power content holds online. Content production is now an important part of how businesses operate for many reasons. Most users rely on online information before pushing through with a purchase. They do their own research, which includes reading informative articles that will help them understand their needs better. Blogging is also a way for businesses to establish thought leadership and authoritativeness.

As an effective content marketing tactic, blogging opens a lot of opportunities for businesses to increase traffic and revenue. 

But content creation can be overwhelming. From coming up with engaging topics to writing an authoritative article, a lot of work goes into generating blogs that attract and convert the right users. Articles that rank on search engine results pages need to contain the right keywords and written for the intent behind those keywords.

For example, users searching for “tiny houses” will want to just get more information about tiny houses whereas users searching for “cheap tiny houses Colorado” will want to find property listings. The latter is closer to buying than the former; your content for both keywords then should be different and address different needs.

3. Web Copywriting

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A website will only be as effective as the copy in it. The digital world is a competitive place, a website will need to be more than just “a pretty face.” 

Persuasive, catchy and engaging copywriting is necessary to turn hard-earned visitors into clients.

Copywriting is a craft that requires experience for it to work. Anyone can try to write a copy, but not every copy can convert a user into a paying customer. 

Your business will need copywriters for the following:

• Homepage
• Landing Page
• Product Page
• Service Page
• About Us Page

Since this is for the web, copywriting must be SEO-friendly. Optimized content means ranking on the SERPs, and ranking well on the SERPs means greater visibility that helps you attract quality, organic traffic.

Another factor to keep in mind is to craft the message depending on the user being targeted.

For example, now that more people are using their mobile devices to purchase products, you should have content that fits the preferences of these users. With Google prioritizing mobile indexing, it’s now necessary to add compelling copywriting for mobile users.

4. Social Ads Copy

Effective copywriting for ads is extremely important. This goes for all types of advertising whether it’s Google ads, Instagram ads, Facebook ads, or YouTube Ads. You will be spending money on it so you need an effective copy for every ad you’re putting out there. A good ad copy has the power to persuade a reader to click into your website. Good copywriters know how to persuade people and guide them where they should go.

If the ad copy isn’t exciting, engaging, entertaining and persuasive, then it’s a waste of your investment.

5. Content Optimization

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Digital content isn’t like how they are in books or magazines wherein, once published, it can never be changed. Content on a website will need to be updated to maintain relevance. You may need to change data or add new information about new services or products.

It’s not enough to create content and publish it. You have to make sure you’re ranking above competitors and the right content optimization strategy from the right content marketing agency will help take you there. 

Search engines favor relevant and fresh content because it’s what the users need. It’s for this reason that updating blogs and website pages are crucial. This will result in better search rankings, more traffic, more shares, more customers and increase in revenue.

As a business that’s going to operate for a long time, content optimization is a recurring process and it isn’t a task that needs to be done only once. 

6. Content Promotion

Even the highest quality content needs the right promotion strategy to get in front of the right people. 

Content marketing is indeed the poster child for inbound marketing. This means that the users will be the ones coming to you. However, content still needs to be promoted right so that it’s seen by many.

You need to partner with a content marketing agency that can help you analyze the content distribution channel that will give you the greatest return. This is done by knowing where your target audience is and then crafting the content that suits that channel.

Some content promotion strategies include email, social media and influencer marketing.

7. Analytics and Reporting

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One of the most important aspects of content marketing is content analysis. Content will only be effective if you can manage and measure it. 

You need analytics and reporting services so that you can access the relevant data and numbers. This way, you’ll know if the content marketing strategy is working, what’s working the most and what needs to be improved. 

Semrush and Google Analytics are just some of the tools that can help deliver reports. These tools can give you an array of information.

As a business owner, time is extremely important, and you don’t need to be overloaded with numbers that will take hours to analyze. Content analytics and reporting services are crucial not only for the time they save you, but they’re necessary to help you make the right decisions about your content marketing strategy.

Achieve Success with Content Marketing Services

Content marketing will take a lot of work, time and patience. Doing it yourself is an option, but it will take away your focus from what really matters: your business. Producing and ranking your content is demanding, so outsourcing it to a trusted agency is a more practical digital marketing solution if you want to stay competitive and productive.

Beyond saving you time, professional services for content marketing is an expense that yields returns. Instead of viewing it as a cost, think of it as an investment in your brand because it can increase sales and drive loyalty from customers. Businesses that use content marketing have experienced conversion rates that are 6x higher than brands that have not applied it.

Get high-quality content marketing services that deliver effective and engaging content. Creativo Media’s content marketers, editors, strategists and copywriters have vast experience in all aspects of advertising, marketing and search engine optimization. Get content that will drive you closer to your goals.

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