Persona-Driven SEO Strategy and How It Can Improve Your Online Performance

Persona-Driven SEO Strategy and How It Can Improve Your Online Performance

When producing content for your website, you’re writing not for you but your readers and the robots. What this means is, you want to optimize your content so that the audience would come to your page. In turn, your page ranking, determined by the search engine’s algorithm, may go up.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), however, isn’t always that easy. When it comes to SEO for small businesses, it’s not enough to have a piece of content that works. Instead, you must create content that works for your specific audience. To achieve this, it may help to create buyer or user personas.

Persona and How to Create It

Let’s say you’re running a food franchising business. How will you drive traffic to your website through its contents? How will you make people want to use your services? One way is to create a buyer persona.

A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer based on your current ones and your market research. Not everyone is interested in a food franchise, so you should focus on figuring out who is.

When you’re creating buyer personas, take into consideration their demographics, goals, patterns of behavior, and motivation. The more information you have, the better.

Think for a second: does this person have knowledge in business? What is this person’s motivation for investing in a franchise? Where do they live? What’s their age range? What do they ultimately want?

Answers to these questions will help you determine what content to produce to make the audience go to your website. Your client may be someone in their early 30s with knowledge about business, but not enough to start their own from scratch. They must know that franchising is one of the most profitable businesses, meaning they want a return on investment, fast.

How Does This Help Your SEO?

Knowing your potential clients will be helpful because you understand what they want at their core. Knowledge about them provides you with insights that will help you focus and develop your content.

With the knowledge of your client’s characteristics, you may now start writing content that tells them about practices in food franchising that will increase their profit. Now, you’ve targeted your audience, and you’ve provided them with something that interests them.

Additionally, having a better understanding of how your audience interacts with the world, both on and offline, can help you create content that resonates with them.

Keep in mind that SEO is not about the volume of content, but about the right content. Even if you have 20 articles, if none of them resonates with your reader, you’re not going to get the engagement and traffic you seek.

Learn More About SEO Strategies

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