Producing and Marketing Videos on Google+ Hangouts on Air

Producing and Marketing Videos on Google+ Hangouts on Air

With thousands and thousands of hours worth of video being uploaded to YouTube each day, it can be difficult for corporate videos to earn as many views and shares as they could. Many companies focus too much on video production when they should also pay equal attention to promoting the video. Making a company’s video stand out requires effective video content marketing strategies and tools.

Google+ Hangouts on Air (HOA) is one of the newest and most useful tools for video production and marketing. HOA allows users to host live video conferences with up to 10 participants, and lets viewers watch, send in questions, or post comments in real time. These sessions can be streamed live on a blog or website, and are uploaded to the company’s YouTube page afterward. The tool is free for anyone to use; the only requirements are linked Gmail, Google+, and YouTube accounts.

The Benefits of Using HOA

Brands have been using HOA to host Q&A sessions, broadcast interviews and live performances, create video tutorials, or document other events. Using HOA doesn’t just make it easier for brands to create videos. This free tool provides a lot of benefits, from attracting more subscribers to providing inspiration for content creation.

  • Making customers feel special: The best way to gain and keep loyal customers is to make them feel a sense of exclusivity and belonging. Musical artists, for example, have been giving viewers the opportunity to go backstage with them or be part of concerts without being on-location. Allowing viewers to participate in a video hangout can make them feel they’re part of the creation process.
  • Generating new content ideas: Interacting with customers can help brands get new ideas for content. Some brands have successfully repurposed information gathered from regular HOA Q&A sessions or interviews to develop more themes for future hangouts.
  • Providing better customer service: Brands like Dell have been using HOA to help users with computer issues, answer their questions, or get their feedback. The tool’s screensharing feature makes it easier to troubleshoot any problems, and many customers appreciate being able to talk to a customer service representative face to face.
  • Making brands more authentic: Letting viewers see the people behind a brand is a good way to show the company’s trustworthiness and honesty. Google itself hosts location-based hangouts that take viewers behind-the-scenes at some of their regional offices. This successfully attracted anyone interested in Google’s culture and work environment, including interested prospects.
  • Improving internal communication and collaboration: Brands have also been using HOA as a channel for communication, education, and collaboration. This tool makes it easier for teams and individuals to share ideas and facilitate discussions, or for the company to hold interviews and training sessions.

How to Use HOA Effectively

HOA does not require users to have an extensive background in video production, but keep these tips in mind to maximize its use.

  • Plan the Hangout: Determine what the hangout needs to accomplish or what question it needs to answer, and identify who would be best to invite as speakers or participants. Make sure it’s relevant and interesting to the audience it targets.
  • Prepare the recording devices: These videos do not require a huge production budget, but it’s important to use a good camera and microphone. Video creators recommend investing in a high quality microphone first, as audiences tend to be more tolerant of low-quality videos with high-quality sound than high-quality videos with poor audio.

  • Promote the Hangout: Reach out to potential viewers through social networks, especially on Google+ circles. Use Google’s +Events to send out custom invites that set expectations and provide incentives to viewers.
  • Optimize YouTube uploads: Spend some time optimizing the video when uploading it to YouTube. Use relevant keywords in the video’s title, description, tags, and file name, and use captions and text within the video within YouTube search. Indicate key moments in the video’s description (e.g. “@1:35: Hear about Creativo Media’s latest service packages”).
  • Track performance: Monitoring a hangout video’s performance and reach helps companies identify key influencers, engagement opportunities, and viewer preferences. Use tools like Google+ Ripples and YouTube Insights to keep track of who is watching, sharing, and commenting on the video.

Creativo Media knows how to produce and market compelling, relevant videos for your particular audience. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services.

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